Oslo Sofa
Divano Oslo
Trasformable in Bed

Article Description

Great comfort are de result of double cushions and a very tall backrest which can be equipped with a cylindrical headrest if desired. Load-bearing frame in beech wood and multiple plies of fir. Independent seat suspension using elastic bands covered with acrylic fibre. Frame is padded with layers of extra-firm, high-density polyurethane foam. Seat, backrest cushions and armrest in extra-firm polyurethane foam with differential depth, completely upholstered in velour bonded to acrylic fibre. Tapered feet, which are available in steel with a satin finish or in beech wood in a number of shades.
Oversized feet covered with leather or fabric available upon request.
- the upholstery on seat cushions is completely removable
- this model can be custom-built to order
- this model cannot be equipped with a bed